• Chaggares & Bonhomme Team

The Chaggares & Bonhomme Team
Staff Accountants


Natalie To, CPA Staff Accountant

To contact Natalie, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 251 or by email.

Johanna Feldman, CPA, CGAStaff Accountant

To contact Johanna, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 248 or by email.

Sandra deRoosStaff Accountant

To contact Sandra, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 257 or by email.

Stephanie SkodaLegal and Accounting Technician

To contact Stephanie, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 252 or by email.

Varundeep SodhiStaff Accountant

To contact Varundeep, please call
(905) 895-9922 x202 or by email.

Matthew SalituroStaff Accountant

To contact Matthew, please call
(905) 895-9922 x201 or by email.

Lucia BenedictStaff Accountant

To contact Lucia, please call
(905) 895-9922 x230 or by email.

Andrew WillmottStaff Accountant

To contact Andrew, please call
(905) 895-9922 x224 or by email.

Rose DillonStaff Accountant

To contact Rose, please call
(905) 895-9922 x264 or by email.


The Rest of the Team

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Pierre Bonhomme
Duncan Peake
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