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Advisory Services

Entrepreneurs can benefit from the expertise of a knowledgeable business advisor. As an advisor, we can provide decision-making support and guidance for optimal business success. We offer the following advisory services:

Financial Planning Services

Entrusting your financial affairs to our experienced wealth management and accounting professionals will ensure that your wealth is safeguarded for the future.

We offer the following financial management services to both individuals and businesses:

  • Drafting of financial plans
  • In-depth review of current finances
  • Investment portfolio reviews


Human Resources Consulting

We offer over 20 years of human resources management experience focused in the areas of: recruitment, remuneration, training and termination.


Business Plan Preparation

We understand specific business challenges. This allows us to better define your business goals. We offer short and long term business planning. A well developed business plan is essential primarily for obtaining financing. Additionally, a professionally-crafted business plan can:

  • Attract investors
  • Identify key business drivers (price/margin analysis, expansion opportunities, staff optimization)
  • Assess financial needs
  • Manage foreign exchange exposure
  • Assist with procurement of equipment
  • Highlight tax planning opportunities


Business Valuations

Various situations can arise when you need to know the current value of your business. We can provide advice and assistance with negotiations when a reasonable estimation of your business value is all that is needed. In other cases, a Valuation Report may be required for a specific purpose, such as the break-up of a business. We can assist you in making certain preliminary determinations as to the value of your business and advise whether or not a Valuation Report should be prepared.


Acquisitions & Mergers

We will provide professional and knowledgeable advice relating to acquisitions, dispositions, amalgamations and restructuring of your current or future business(es). We will perform a detailed review of your organizational plan to help you achieve the most favourable tax position.


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