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For Immediate Release: Local Chartered Accountant Educates New Real Estate Investors on Risks and Rewards

October 5, 2012

NEWMARKET – Local Chartered Accountant, Rob Chaggares, partner at Chaggares and Bonhomme, participated in a commercial real estate investment workshop yesterday, bringing his signature style and knowledge to the event.

“Any investment deserves careful consideration,” Rob explains, “and a major purchase such as commercial real estate can have serious repercussion on your financials. That’s why I advised the workshop attendees to consult with their chartered accountants before making any decisions. There’s nothing worse than having your business in crisis because you moved too quickly on a real estate deal.”

The workshop was co-hosted by the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Newmarket and the Business Development Bank of Canada. Attendees were educated on how to research commercial real estate opportunities and the specific investment opportunities that currently exist in Newmarket. Rob was joined by Mayor Tony Van Bynen and Economic Development Officer Chris Kallio in presenting at the workshop.

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Rob Chaggares


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