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Helping to Make Newmarket Awesome

For Immediate Release: Chaggares & Bonhomme Proudly Helping Newmarket to Become Awesome $1,000 at a Time

August 25, 2012

NEWMARKET – Rob Chaggares and Pierre Bonhomme were glad to sign up to help out during the inaugural year of Newmarket’s Awesome Foundation. Awesome is a North America-wide initiative that uses micro-donations to build an awesome community.

Started by the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Prosperity Committee, the business leader stakeholders of the Newmarket Awesome Foundation award $1,000 monthly to the project that they feel best exemplifies the spirit of community building and, well, awesomeness.

“When we were first approached it took a bit of explaining before we really caught the vision of what Awesome is really about,” Rob explains, “Once we understood we were eager to be part of it. Each month we get to meet with other local business owners and look at some incredibly innovative ideas. It has been really rewarding so far and we look forward to the rest of our year with Awesome.”

In addition to building their chartered accounting business in Newmarket, Rob and Pierre are dedicated community leaders and proud to help create a prosperous and innovative town for their staff and their families to enjoy.

June Winner: Help-Portrait Newmarket
July Winner: Spinal Cord Injury Youth Awareness Project

Rob Chaggares


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