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Treasurer for the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce

For Immediate Release: Local Chartered Accountant Educates New Real Estate Investors on Risks and Rewards

December 1, 2011

NEWMARKET – Local Chartered Accountant, Rob Chaggares, partner at Chaggares and Bonhomme, has been elected as Secretary/Treasurer for the Newmarket Chamber of Commerce.

“It’s almost cliché, isn’t it?” Rob asks “That is, for the accountant to be the Treasurer? But when it’s important, and due diligence has to be done, who else would you want as Treasurer other than a Chartered Accountant. It is a pleasure to be able to help local community organizations by volunteering my time as their Treasurer. That’s why I help out SmartCommute Central York as well. At Chaggares and Bonhomme, we’re committed to making Newmarket the best community in Canada and we help out however we can.”

The Newmarket Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors is responsible for providing strategic direction to the Chamber staff and providing oversight on the Chamber’s financial management. Representing several hundred Newmarket businesses, the Chamber is the town’s largest business organization and hosts networking and educational events throughout the year for business and community members.

Chaggares and Bonhomme are Newmarket’s choice for chartered accounting and professional business services, winning the Era-Banner’s Reader’s Choice Awards 3 years in a row.

Rob Chaggares


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