• Chaggares & Bonhomme Team

The Chaggares & Bonhomme Team

Cindy Burkholder Bookkeeping Manager

To contact Cindy, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 224 or by email


Elizabeth Battle Bookkeeper

To contact Elizabeth, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 226 or by email.


Asta Bakunina Bookkeeper

To contact Asta, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 263 or by email.


Gale Lockerbie-Thom Bookkeeper

To contact Gale, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 260 or by email.


Tina Niro Bookkeeper

To contact Tina, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 227 or by email.


Anne-Marie Harland Bookkeeper

To contact Anne-Marie, please call
(905) 895-9922 x 233 or by email.


The Rest of the Team

Rob Chaggares
Pierre Bonhomme
Duncan Peake
Tax And Accounting Managers
Staff Accountants
Office Administration
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